Handmade Dozen Immortal Rose Steampunk Edition

Sometimes a gift from a loved one is all we need to kindle the fire in our souls. That’s why we are devoted to making fresh, vibrant roses that endure not only the test of time but the hardships that come along the way.

Crafted by hand, our bouquet of silver roses offers the perfect gift for anyone dear in your life. Roses are undoubtedly the king of flowers, and no matter the occasion, they can be gifted to anyone at any time. Our roses are a romantic reminder that love is always around, and always fresh and alive.

In an effort to protect the environment, we have crafted our silver roses from recycled washers and wire. Perfectly welded together, the roses are not only heavy, but they don’t wither, fade, or die. We have created what could arguably be one of the most beautiful rose artwork you’ll ever come across.

Hand Made dozen steampunk roses made out of recycled metal

Round the year several occasions fall; wedding anniversaries, birthdays, engagements, and alike and roses can be the perfect gift for each and every celebration or festival celebration in your calendar. As for our hand-made silver roses, their uniqueness is displayed in how every rose in the bunch is distinguishable and special. There’s truly a wealth of standard in these roses, and a fresh feel that’s not only timeless but soothing as well. Love is full of passion and personality, and our roses display it remarkably well.

There can be many moments in our lives where we can gift beautiful roses to express beautiful heartily feelings of love, care, and affection to someone dear and loving. However, you’ll find our roses to be a bit special compared to anything else in the market. Alluring roses arranged beautifully makes a beautiful gift for anyone, anytime and with the perfect combination of art and beauty, our silver roses are the perfect symbols for what true love ought to be.

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